No Excuses

Mood » Chilly
Music » “Maze Feat. Tyler Sherrit” by First State
Novel » Genie by Russ Rymer

I’m not going to make up any excuses for my absence because I’ve been just as busy before in the past & still made room for AI. I have felt disconnected with this whole blogging atmosphere & even more so, I haven’t replied to 50% of the comments I received, but I will get to them eventually. The reason behind my disconnect is still unknown to me, but I’m fighting it! :) I feel like a total jerk ignoring so many of my readers/visitors. I really didn’t mean to. :( After I get some of my academic items finished, I will try my best to get to returning comments.

I really think I owe a huge apology to those that are still waiting for a review, a comment returned, & all of my affiliates that I haven’t kept up with. I’m sorry! At least I come bearing some gifts!! :D


Happy holidays everyone! Just in case I don’t update for another 3 months. :| I’m here to stay, just don’t depend on any weekly updates, sadly.