Ignorance is Not Bliss

Mood » Bereft
Music » “Verona” by Geographer
Novel » Intern by Sandeep Jauhar

I’ve lost much interest in this website, which was my favorite thing to work on during my spare time. However, I still feel a bit of an attachment to Aesthetic Intoxication the way one would feel about outgrowing their favorite outfit; no matter how many times you try to fit into it, you’re just too big for it. I feel that I can & will do bigger things beyond what I’ve done with this site.

      My disinterest stems from all the vapid blogs I stumble upon. I’ve found myself yelling aloud, “WHO CARES THAT A CELEBRITY RETWEETED YOU!? WHAT THE HECK WAS THE POINT OF YOUR BLOG & WHY DID YOU FEEL IT WAS NECESSARY TO BE PUBLICIZED TO THE WORLD?” I acknowledge that complaining about the complainers doesn’t make me any better than them, so you can’t chastise me about that.

      It is clear that we all have problems, but most of us who own a computer experience First World problems. In other words, our problems are quintessentially trite relative to an individual whose family expired due to famine. Try to put your issues in perspective instead of sulking in your woes. Attempt to alleviate another’s ailments, no matter how small the gesture.

      This generation seems to receive their news from Twitter, Facebook, &/or other social media networks, which is absolutely pathetic. How many of you know about Amy Winehouse’s death, but didn’t know about the bombing & massacre in Norway? What about the collision of a bullet train in China killing 35? Or what about America’s ineffective congress that can’t work together to manage our debt? Why is it that following a celebrity’s tweets is more worthy of people’s attention spans than current affairs far greater than the celebrity?

      Our constant petty complaints, I feel, can be partly attributed to our ignorance of the world around us. Some of us have it so good that we can afford to complain about pink socks. It is selfish, altricial, irresponsible, & dangerous for us to continue in this ignorant manner though. The evolution of our technology has far surpassed the evolution of humanity. In a time in which you can access the occurrences across the globe in 10 seconds, you’d think more of us would be well-informed.

      Humanity likes to believe it’s superior because it possesses an incredibly beautiful & unique manner in which it expresses empathy, humility, & magnanimity. Yet, we destroy one another through warfare, political & socioeconomic instability instead of banding together through the advances of technological globalization. We’ve cast out world affairs as drivel & would rather focus our attention on celebrity gossip.

      If I had half the power & influence of Britney Spears, I’d shed light on some of the world’s worst problems. Even if you have a blog of over 300 viewers, don’t underestimate how influential you can be. Humanity needs to catch up with its technology. We need to educate ourselves of the world’s corruption & greed in order to fight for justice. If we keep reading Perez Hilton instead of the news or feel apathetic about politics instead of voting, what will become of us? What will it take for us to care–when our rights have been stripped, when a country falls to shambles? All of that happened in this year alone, but who cares, when Lady GaGa is following you on Twitter, right? Knowledge is power. Don’t shroud yourself in darkness when there is much good you can do to change the world. Ignorance is not bliss, it is blind idiocy.