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Hello blogosphere, it’s been awhile. :| I have been busy with school & I am greatly disappointed with my feelings of unattached forlorn in regards to this site & Skeletons MB. However, I’m sure that a new layout & accomplishing everything on my to-do list will surely draw me back into the passion I had for all of this.

      Coincidentally, my daily tarot today expressed exactly what I’ve been meaning to discuss. Tarot cards & horoscopes are completely erroneous, but they’re fun to read so I subscribe to them:

The Judgement card suggests that my alter ego is The Compassionate One, whose superpower lies in revelation of my life and worldly events. I will reflect a sense of gratitude for my life and those involved by showing humility, forgiveness and charity. By doing so, I feel a strong redemption for past events — a great liberating feeling. I have punished myself enough and am free at last. Clearing the conscience through forgiving yourself and others can bring an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.

      Lately I’ve been stressing out about my academics at UCLA & how I’ve made a mistake that may have cost me the ability to graduate by 2012. However, I don’t regret not realizing my mistake earlier because even though I should’ve taken a chemistry class instead of my Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (MCDBio) class on HIV/AIDS & STDs, I gained so much insight from this “mistake”. :)

      My MCDBio class mandated volunteering at organizations for 12 hours & accounted for 20% of our grade. My professor spoke of how roughly 100 students were enrolled, thus contributing 1200 hours of community service to non-profit organizations assisting those living with HIV/AIDS. I found his compassion to be inspirational & his usage of authority to dictate such an assignment to be applaudable. The experience I had volunteering for Being Alive was remarkable. I found myself wanting to do anything & everything I could to help. My assistance was constantly being praised by the staff, which made me feel as though I was an integral addition to the organization even though I only answered calls & shred documents. Something inside me stirred to feel the utmost compassion for this organization & to continue my services there despite completing my 12 hours. :D

      This experience has made me reflect a sense of gratitude for my health, life, & how thankful I am that I am felicitous enough to be the one helping a charity instead of being one. :hugs: Had I not made the mistake of taking this course, I would’ve never been exposed to Being Alive. I’m thankful that my greatest concerns involve school & allocating my time wisely to my research in Hepatitis B & C. That is significantly better than worrying about becoming resistant to antiviral medications. I need to stop punishing myself & stressing out about little things & enjoy life a little more. The fact that my biggest “predicaments” are grades & research are indications of an auspicious life. ^^

      Sometimes we forget how good we have it because we can only see the bad, but the sooner we revel in our good fortune, the sooner we can experience that “overwhelming sense of peace & joy.” After taking that class & completing finals, I’ve felt nothing but peace & joy. :party: Then again, I am finally 21 now. ;)