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In an attempt to connect more with the few visitors that I have, I want you all to ask me a question & I’ll answer it in the form of a video. :) Most of my interactive contests require that you have some sort of website &/or photoshop skill, so this interaction requires none! You don’t have to leave me a comment below, feel free to e-mail me as well. Comments are preferred though! If I don’t get around 10 questions, I’ll just pull up some questions from my Ask Me page. Feel free to ask me multiple questions, I’m not that interesting, but I’d like for those of you who are subscribed to me to get to know me better. :D

Please save all “How to” questions regarding photoshop, PHP, HTML/CSS for the Ask Me page or use your preferred search engine to find your answers. ;)


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34 Comments on “Interactive Moi”

January 12th
10:39 pm

Hi Tiff! Remember my post about The Boyfriend Tag? Is it possible that you and your boyfriend do it? I would love to be able to see what your boyfriend has to say. :)

Happy New Year!!


January 13th
1:54 am

My Question is, do you plan to have Children someday, and do the whole family thing?


January 13th
3:39 pm

Hey Tiff! This is a great idea; I have seen a couple of your videos before and they are hilarious. Plus you are so pretty! :cute:

Hm… What about:

1. Did you ever go to any of your high school dances? If so, do you have any funny experiences from them?

2. How did you meet your boyfriend?

I’m not too great at questions. D: These are only good if you actually have interesting stories about your experiences, so if you don’t then you can skip them. :heh:


January 13th
3:55 pm

:O! I love your idea of interaction ^__^! :O! I`ve seen many videos of em and I love it :P! Like the KevJumba one :P!!

How do you find your general inspiration for life, blogging, and design? :)

I`ll look forward to the video :)

Sorry about the late late response D:! Your site was down at the time of my comment rounds :'(

I should get studying for the SAT`s D':! My friend even pushed me about it. So I don`t need to have as much worries about Senior year :O! May I ask; how was the ACT for you? (If you took it?) I need that for writing D':! But I`m a totally bad writer. XD!

I would love to slow down. :P But that time limit intimidated me D':. But I`ll be sure to use that trick at the real thangg. :D

:O That software seems awesome with organization! :D! But I have like maybe. 10+ pictures of one single thing o__O! SO I only name my folders :P! By event, year, album ^__^!

I was astonished when I heard AP and Drawing together :O! All I know is.. Never draw anime-like figures or you`ll get your paper teared in that class XD! It`s like more harsh than AP Cal D': But there`s no one answer in Drawing :)!

All of the pictures are taken by me on my photo blog. I`m not sure if its a 365 or so. :X! But I think its a 365 :P Because I`m posting pictures every day :P! Even though I took them months ago or something XD!

You can still do it Tiffany! YES YOU CAN~!

Thank you ^__^ Your awesome words means a lot to me! (:


January 13th
4:56 pm

That’s fine! Haha, I don’t mind if you don’t agree. Yes, I do think that sometimes, but I think that is more of having a conscience and morality rather than an opinion. xD Someone who doesn’t care about having charities just… doesn’t have a heart. I am talking more about with politics and religion and such; I don’t like voicing my opinion there. I guess I have opinions but I just don’t like debating because I don’t really like talking or being rebuked.

I think questions make it easier to comment. But yes, it is kind of annoying when people only answer the questions rather than actually commenting on the blog part. Very true! Those people are the golden ones. ;D

I am not great at sewing, but sewing books isn’t really sewing. You pretty much just put the thread through a hole and loop it and go out the other side.

I definitely will! It’s a beautiful and amazing place.

You are very welcome! I bet the video will be hilarious. You are very welcome!


Tiff Reply:

I thought I said I agreed..? But I don’t talk about religion/politics unless asked in which case I try my best to be civil until someone pushes my buttons, then I just get verbally abusive. In which case, I need to improve upon that. It makes me ponder how President Obama can keep his cool when people outrightly think he’s Muslim. Tragic world we live in. But anyway, I’m sure he’s probably punchin’ a bean bag somewhere behind stage to relieve his anger. Or maybe he’s a robot & doesn’t have any anger..? haha.

Oh darn, that sounded cool though, that sewing the book thing. I want a sewing machine just to learn how to sew stuff. :D


[…] totally stealing from Tiff, ask me a question/s and I’ll make a video answering […]

January 13th
5:56 pm

I stole this idea from you on my blog, btw. It sounded cool. :P

Heh heh. Hmm, let’s see…

1. What’s one gross thing you’ve seen a friend do?
2. What’s your biggest pet peeve that makes you so angry, you could punch a baby?
3. What is the ugliest kind of shoe to you?
4. What is your favorite movie genre?



January 13th
8:34 pm

Another question! What electronic device are you the most interactive with? Why?

:P I hope you don`t mind D': I am thinking. Because I am bad as a reporter D': :O! Oooh! Then its just a regular photo blog :P! I can`t imagine me on the 240th day and being stuck on what to take a picture of :P! “Hmm. I already took a picture of this. And this. And this. And this. And that.” :O

But ironically, I see anime characters being painted on the walls of the classroom. From Sailor moon to… Anime stuff I don`t know :O!! This teacher.. Is a still-lifer. :P

Thank you ^__^ I am like seriously asking everyone about the SAT’s :/. Because my school is lame about informing us about this :'(….

Thank you for the words of assurance ^__^. For sure, I do have other choices. :) Community college, but I gotta make sure the credits are transferrable to UC’s or CSU’s :O!!

I appreciate it ^__^


January 13th
11:13 pm

heyy tiff, this is a great idea! i love the whole answering in a video thing, its a good way of replying to your visitors :) i dont think i have the guts to make a video ahaha and posting it on my site >.< im a very shy person.
right now i cant think of any good questions for you :/ and i also don't want to get to personal so im sorry if i ask dumb questions..
here they are:
1. what made you inspired to start a site?
2. what was the first program you used to make your first layout/graphics?
3. what do you recommend me to improve my blogging skills?

p.s thanks for your comment, im not sure what you ment about my footer but on my computer it looks the way i wanted it to


January 14th
12:42 am

WOWOWOWOWOW. I am loving this new layout. You’re probably going to turn around and tell me it’s not new and you’ve had it for weeks, but please don’t. Even if it isn’t new, just pretend it is to keep me happy ^^
– Is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
Bahahahaa, just kidding. I couldn’t resist throwing it in there though. :’)

Oh god, I’m awful at questions, ummmmm..
What’s the most embarrassing photo of you that you have? (hold it up so I can laugh at you :’)) Yay I feel so evil. :argh: (idk what that smiley is, but it looks like some evil villain from a movie with a curly mustache so I’m using him)

I know I need to focus, but I just can’t. Crash was just sitting there like ‘plaaaay me. plaaaaaay me.’ and I mean, I couldn’t exactly say no, could I? That’d just be rude. I’m suuuper excited, but it’s going to be so frustrating because my mum is expecting me to go to this shitty uni about half hour away, just because it’s local but they look so crap and I WANT to get out of this goddamn house -.-

Oh yeah, driving is insanely expensive here. It costs £20 for an hour lesson, and you need roughly 30-40 hours of lessons to take the test. The provisional liscence (learner) costs £50, plus the theory test (£30) and the real test (£40).
And that’s without even buying a car / paying for car insurance (which you have to get, it’s not optional here).

Oooh, what research are you doing? that sounds quite exciting!
I’m sorry, I’ve been out of the blogging-world for so long it’s unreal. I didn’t even go into my domain for two months D:
YES SPYRO :love: I don’t remember that dance dance one though..


Becca Reply:

and also, do you like pineapple?
or did Kevin’s rant make you realise it’s an evil fruit? :’)


January 14th
3:12 am

I have 3 questions, tehe :)
I’ve watched one of your videos before, the one about non-romantics, your beautiful! :3

1. Who inspired you to start your own website?
2. What is your pet peeve? (The thing you hate the most ^-^)
3. Do you have any other hobbies like sewing or craft?


January 14th
3:17 am

The Pruis is a pretty cute car but I think it’s too big for me. I want a small car as a first car because I’m not that good at driving yet. I’ve never really looked into hybrid cars before, they are very expensive. I might take a look at the Toyota show room this weekend and see what I think of their cars. I love like the Pruis though, and love the interior but the price is pretty high :(

I’m totally rubbish when it comes to questions but here’s mine:

1. If you could whatever super power if the world, what would it be?
2. What’s your favourite food & why?
3. What’s in your hang bag?


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January 14th
7:22 am

Hey Tiff! Yeah, my brother is so lazy, but me… I used to have to go to town with my mum and stuff, so I’ve just sort of got used to going shopping for a long time and looking at the sale items. :$ oh well, my brother just wants to buy it as soon as he sees it no matter if it’s cheaper somewhere else, he couldn’t care less?!!?!?! :S

Erm, good luck with the Vlog thing! :) My question is – What age do you plan to get married? + Would you like to travel in the future, and where? :)


January 14th
7:33 am

love your icon! (:

– who’s your role model, or someone you look up to?
– what’s the best thing that has happend to you during your web site experience so far?
– what are you afraid of?
– what/who inspired you to start with web designing.


January 14th
7:39 am

Ahh thank you for telling me about the smilies, I didn’t even know! I fixed it though haha. I upgraded my WordPress the other day and did it manually. As usual, I messed some things up and it ended up taking me like six hours to fix haha. The smilies just needed to be added to my includes folder again. Woo!

And yeah, I have no idea why I named the file BellaBuzz ahha. I’ve had this script a few times and I’ve always named it “ask”. I should change that at some point haha. Not thinking I suppose. XD

It sounds crazy, but I’ve been considering doing it naturally. I know myself, though, and I’ll be in too much to handle it. I cry over a headache haha. I guess it is just the instinct of wanting to protect the baby already that makes me want to do it naturally. You generally don’t get any medication until the end though haha when you’re almost ready to go and have already felt hours of contractions. :( Maybe I’ll feel brave after feeling all of that pain and be able to do it haha. Who knows!

I have a couple of questions hehe, good idea with this. :)

1) What year of school are you in? I know you’re in college but I don’t know what year.

2) You have the clearest skin in the world lol. Every time I see your pictures I’m like HOW DOES SHE DO IT? Do you use any particular face washes or anything?


January 14th
8:26 am

This sounds awesome :)
My question:
– Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Family etc. :)

I also have another question which I think is classed as ‘how to’ so I’ll submit it in your ask me page


January 14th
9:52 am

Whoa, its odd to see a short post on here lol I’m used to seeing paragraphs upon paragraphs! lol I think this “contest” as you called it, is a really cool idea! It will not only get your visitors to connect with you better but I find that a video is more personal, like a vlog. Very cool and original idea :) Btw, I love that song by Frou Frou!


January 14th
2:55 pm

Haha, you may. Oh, I know! I don’t even keep up with celebrities. But thanks.

Bah, all right. xD Well, I’m not expecting it at this dance. I don’t even make eye contact with my friends or anything because people like to comment on my eyes a lot (which is… weird) and it’s uncomfortable. /:

Aw, thanks. :cute: Haha, I love that smiley because I wear a bow everyday. Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to do that. Although I tend to be very loyal when it comes to relationships, so… bah. But I will definitely keep that in mind when I get hurt by a guy.

Whoa, that’s weird! I didn’t know you have more bones as a baby than as an adult. The blood inside your bones is spongy? :uhh: I didn’t even know blood was spongy. That’s kind of creepy. It sounds like you are enjoying your Paleopathology class, though! Oh yeah, I knew that from playing Zoo Tycoon. xD

It’s great that you are less judgmental and more logical than before! Those are great traits to not have/have. Aw, I wish I was more active. You are lucky!

That is definitely a great thing to learn.


Tiff Reply:

haha I didn’t say that blood in your bones is spongy! I said that the area in your bones is spongy & that blood runs through it. It’s called cancellous. There are 2 other names for it, but I actually forget. I should actually study for this class though..especially because I’ve been putting off the coloring section. :| But yeah, it’s awesome. :D If you google “spongy bone” in the images area, you’ll get what I mean. haha your bones..they’re cool. O_O & it’s even cooler that they last for…ever.. :P


January 14th
7:45 pm

I can’t think of any questions right now :( but if I think of one before returning your comment from my post i’ll add it, LOL.

I’m more mad at Nikon for the fact that they are voiding the warranty because of something I didn’t do, as well as them changing their story about what was wrong with it and what I must have done to break it. I was originally mad at Blacks, and I was making that clear on the phone but the actual reason I’m super mad (other than the fact that I haven’t had my camera for a month and won’t have it for at least another 6-8 weeks) is because Nikon is choosing to void the warranty because of something that didn’t happen. I’m mad because they originally said I dropped it, when I didn’t, and said that would void the warranty. Now, they’re saying it’s lint because I tried to clean it myself & that voids the warranty. But I didn’t drop it, or try to clean it myself. And I have no way of knowing if it was dropped before I got it, or if the lint only got there after I took it into Blacks to ship to Nikon, considering they didn’t ship it back in the original box like Nikon suggests, even though I took it for them to ship back in.

I know that Nikon makes amazing cameras, and I had no problems with mine other than that. My sister has had a D60 for years and she’s had no problems & hers has been dropped and put through so much. Yet I haven’t dropped mine, and after two months it’s broken.

I just don’t really like anyone seeing me cry, so family is included in that :P I hate even my best friend’s seeing my cry, and they only have when I’ve been extremely upset because I just feel so vulnerable and it’s hard to control myself when I’m crying. I know they’d understand why I was crying, because it makes me so angry.. I just don’t like crying in front of people :P

I do wish it was a store where within a certain time limit, I could just take it back and get a new one. Like I could have if I bought it at Walmart, or probably Best Buy. But instead I got it at Black’s, and now I just have to wait and wait for them to send it back to me.


January 14th
8:00 pm

Ahaha I am going to ask such boring questions but here I go!
1) How many black shirts do you have? Can you show them to us? :D
2) Tell us about your favourite kind of sushi (and pictures if you have them).
3) What else did you have in mind when thinking of your site name? What do you think of them now?
4) What place in the world would you visit first (choose a place you haven’t been to yet). :D


Little Tiffany
January 14th
9:24 pm

Mhm a lot of people use to do vblogs with questions. Nobody really does it anymore. My questions probably won’t be any good, although I use to be good at asking questions.
Here it goes:
1)What are your thoughts about Justin Bieber?
2)If you could switch places with your BF would you?
3)Favorite boy band?
^that is what I came up with, on the top of my head.

I tried that game, but I suck at spelling. I kind of got some of the grammar right. That is pretty ironic right? I do not get punctuation; I think that is pretty bad for an American student. My English teacher this year is actually good. In freshman and sophomore year my teachers were really bad. When I am returning your comments I am going to try to be careful and try to make them grammatically correct. :) I actually think my grammar is only horrible on here because I do not proofread. I always have been lazy.

A lot of people hate global issues. I know it is easier for people to be ignorant about the world, then to realize the horrors that people face everyday. I had a good discussion with my globals teacher today. We talked about Russia regarding the United Nations. I think the U.N. is useless because the 5 power countries are all different. Russia and China are on one side, while France, UK and USA are all on the other. It’s a wonder how stuff got done. However I do like the NATO treaty. I know they do not really have anything to do together. I just like it because I think it is useful: of course only to an extent. On another note, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is becoming a pain. As Americans, we have spent billions of dollars funding weapons and supplies. I know I do not know everything, but I feel like we could have used that for other stuff (I can’t think of a better word.. sorry). To add on, Darfur (Sudan). Those people are in a genocide. I do not get how Americans aren’t aware about it. I cannot stand when my friends say how “unlucky” they are. Of course everyone has bad days, but it’s nowhere compared to half of the world. It annoys me, that people think their life is ending so easily. People take what they have for granted.

I remember I watched a interview about George Clooney in Africa. The interviewer kept asking him about his “celebrity” life, however Clooney only wanted to talk about Africa. It is sad how stories that should change the world are pushed down. Instead we care that our children our watching Hannah Montana and idolizing Miley Cyrus. I do not really care what she does and I do not think the world should either. She might not be the “perfect” role model, but she is human and is allowed to grow up.

My layout should have been changed when you first commented it. When I read it (before I read your other comment) I was confused. lol. But I realized that you probably saw like my first step of changes. I fixed the bottom link (previous link) which i was so proud of lol.

By the way are we affiliates? It does not matter, but I was just wondering.
I think every concentrates on their layout. Unless, of course, they did not make their own layout.


January 14th
10:23 pm

Yes, the weather here is really something. Its weird because last year, around this time(December-January) it was so so hot and people were hiding in their houses. Literally. But this year, the weather is not as hot and the last week we’ve had rain. *HURRAY* Today it’s really hot though, and its annoying because I went to work for training and I was in a freaking boiling kitchen while the temperature outside was already like 32 degrees. -_-

I feel really awful for the Queensland residents. I mean, 75% of the state has been flooded. That’s just scary. So much damage has been done, and it’s so frustrating for businesses and just general residents because its going to be a long time before things get back to normal. But I really truly hope they work things out, and I’m going to donate today, so I’ll feel good knowing that I did something. haha. :D

Anyways, that’s so cool. I’d love to see your answers. Although I might not be able to watch the video because videos are usually very large files and I don’t have the luxury of being able to watch videos as it uses up too much internet/etc.

I don’t have any specific questions for you, although I do like Summer’s question about whether you would like to have kids. You’d make a good mum. Lol, that sounds weird, but what I mean is, you’d be a good role-model for them. :)


January 15th
12:13 am

Sorry for being kind of off-topic, but just letting you know that my current domain is down (for reasons I know not of :P ) so if you need to contact me at all please do so at :) My new domain should be opening soon, in which case I’ll let you know. ^^ Have a good weekend Tiff!


January 15th
5:00 am

there’s hundreds of new “talented” artists who’s playing on the radio, it’s hard to keep track of of them all. i think i’ve heard the original song by nelly once, but i didn’t like it much, i just thought it as “just another song on the radio that will disappear soon”, but i loved the cover song!! (: andn yes it is MUSIC! : D

yes i’ll probably show you the final result when i’m finished. it will be handed in on thursday next week, so maybe when i’ve got my grade (:


January 15th
10:07 am

Voted at the site of the month. :) Hope whoever I voted wins!

1) What is love for you?
2) In your opinion, when do you say you’re satisfied with life or something?
ie. you feel satisfied with life when I get to eat all of foods in the world. Lolx.
3) How far will you go for the one you love?
4) Is forever still a word in your dictionary?
5) Have you actually considered death as a choice before?


Little Tiffany
January 15th
5:51 pm

haha yea seem my best and worst layouts. I don’t even have some of my layouts anymore. I switched computers and I think they got lost…I like looking at old graphics and stuff. Do you?

That’s not a problem. I really should make content. I do not want to make useless content though. I think that is the worst. To just make it, to make something. I know I would probably be the only one using my own content lol Well I guess it would be at easy reach lol I have some textures I should put up. I get very lazy, even though now I use it through WP instead of FTP which is a lot easier.

I think it does. I do not type the “proper” way to type though. I can type that way, but it is a lot slower for me.


January 15th
9:55 pm

Thanks Tiff! :D It’s going pretty smoothly now that I’m sort of getting this wordpress thing. ^^ I’ll tell you when it opens definitely. :)


January 16th
11:21 am

I wish that I could make a video like that. I think I tried once, but nobody was interested… it’s pretty disheartening when I try to get something running and it never works >_>.
I suck at giving questions, but here it goes (sorry if you’ve been asked these before):
1. If you could have your own country, what would it be like?
2. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
3. If you could be in any movie that’s already been made, which one would it be?

Yea, they are light on my laptop. I think I’ll change that with my next update. Darn colours. My favourite layout had to be taken down because it was way too light for some moniters :(.
Yea, the emu shooter was a real hick.
I actually figured out – kinda – what my problem was. When I go to sleep, I look at the lights inside my eyes (I have some weird problem with seeing glowing things all the time) and I always watched them move and it was very relaxing. Then I noticed that they stopped moving. They’re moving again now, so I can get to sleep, but I’d like to find out what those lights are. I’ve always had them and they’ve always gotten me to sleep.


January 17th
4:51 pm

How much do you love your extroverted twin on the east coast?!?! :drunk:


January 17th
8:33 pm

hey tiff! sorry for the uber late reply. so many different things have been popping up lately, i’m sure you’ve been there before, as well. man, i’m so tired i can barely type so i have no idea what i could possibly ask you. :/

hopefully something will come to me soon! hope to hear from you again! :D


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