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My favorite instant noodles

I’m incredibly ill at the moment & my internet is 80% paralyzed. Thanks for watching/reading my last blog! Johnathan watched the video & thought it was funny although he wished he wasn’t the victim of my jests. He thinks the world will think he’s a jerk to me, but contrary to his assumption, plenty of you said he’s a sweetheart in his own way. :P I will return all of your wonderful comments when my internet is fully functional again. I am so terribly sorry! Feel free to throw your dirty socks at me.

I can’t believe I have 22 subscribers! I didn’t think I’d have 1 — other than myself — so I’m completely humbled that people actually find my blog worth following. Thank you all so much! A REAL blog will follow after my ISP decides that my household is worth the service we paid for in the first place.



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July 21st
6:33 pm

Thank you!

My god I can’t believe I wrote that blog after 5am. >.< It’s seriously really crazy. BUT I WENT TO BED… eventually.

Yeah that was totally not something I’d expect to come from Joey! You wouldn’t expect him to be all philosophical like that.

No one said I was being a manipulative bitch trying to steal away the guy, so thankfully you were wrong. :3

YOUR COMMENT DOESN’T SUCK. ALTHOUGH MINE MIGHT. And it’s not even late, so I don’t have that for an excuse. :( :P

YUMMY!!! I want soooomeeee. D: My mom keeps forgetting to buy ramen, but I finally wrote it on the list, so maybe she’ll remember. What kind of instant noodles are those? They look sooo amazing.

Your video was very funny! I’m sorry I didn’t comment on the actual blog, but at least we talked about the video a bit in MSN. =/

Don’t worry about returning comments! Don’t feel like you need to; people will understand that you’re ill and have had a lot going on in your offline life. You don’t have to return my comment if you don’t want to! <3

Congrats on having so many subscribers! It makes me wonder if I put a more prominent RSS link in my sidebar, if people would subscribe to my feed too. I’ve been putting together a mental list of things I want to put in my sidebar when I redo it, so I might have to try that. :)

Gah your fucking ISP. Has your brother convinced your dad to get that other, better one you mentioned?

Your revamped pages are looking great! :D


July 21st
7:20 pm

Gosh, Tiffany! :|
I really hope that both you and your internet feel better! :/

And I checked out some of your articles. I found them to be quite interesting. ;)

I also would like some of those noodles for lunch tomorrow. >.<


July 21st
7:50 pm

Yumm. Noodles sound really good right now. Haven’t eaten hardly anything all day. lol
For some reason I felt really dizzy this morning – that’s always fun. xD

&& That sucks that you’re internet isn’t fully functional, i’m sure it’s rather irritating.

I hope you get to feeling better!


July 22nd
7:09 am

OMG I used to love instant noodles – seriously, I lived on them :3

Feel better ^^


July 23rd
12:08 am

Get well soon :)
I have to say your blog is one of the best ones out there. I thoroughly enjoy reading you, so don’t stop doing what you do, you’re wonderful at it :)


July 23rd
1:43 am

Hope you start feeling better soon, honey. I hate being sick and I haven’t been sick this year not once! *knocks on whatever is available to knock on for luck*

As for your comment, I was seriously smiling and nodding my head as I read it to myself. haha. This sounds completely sappy and lovey dovey, but before I met Trevor I didn’t believe in soulmates or whatever, but I do now. And, I believe that true love gets through anything. If both people in the relationship really want it then nothing can come between them. The rough spots feel like everything is crumbling and like it will never get better, but when you finally do get through it you feel closer than ever. That’s how I feel anyway. Trevor and I have had what seems like everything thrown at us to keep us apart, but we’ve made it and I’m sure you guys will too. In the pictures I’ve seen of you guys, you look so happy! And, Johnathan really does seem like a sweet guy.

Anyway, I could ramble about love and sappy stuff forever. Again, feel better soon.


July 23rd
6:08 am

I’ve been hearing about a lot of people’s internet getting slower, including mine very recently, and yes, it was extremely annoying. :|

I just read your last post, and your boyfriend seems so sweet, even if he isn’t as romantic as some other people. :)

Our internet was really bad for a few months, so we just recently switched ISPs – none of us could take it anymore! I hope your internet speeds up soon; I’m sure all of us do!


July 23rd
8:43 am

What?! You’re so young! How can you possibly be so ill? :(… I hope you get well soon, bby. <3 Love the updates & man, I just went through your photography all over again. :) Still love it. You should read: ^_^ When you have time, of course.

RE: Yes, I've been out almost everyday and I'm surprised my dad doesn't mind it as much. x) . I'm still doing chores at home so I guess that's partly why he doesn't mind. Thank you! I'm going to need luck. I run out of ideas quickly but since I'm out, it gives me an opportunity to take pictures :) hehehe. I'm going to try not to cheat. I'm quite organized with my days and I use sticky notes on my calendar. I check it daily & fill it whenever something comes up. :P


July 23rd
12:03 pm

Lol I thought that your portrayal of Johnathan was funny, & I didn’t find him to be a jerk at all. That’s just how some guys are, and that was real funny! ^^

Get better soon! Those noodles look soo good right now, I just ate McDonald’s. :dead: Never again. Poor internet, get better soon too! :P


July 23rd
1:03 pm

Uck, I hate internet troubles. Mine usually doesn’t slow down, it just goes in and out completely. I can’t count how many times a comment or blog went kaput because the internet went out when I submitted it. Hopefully you get it fixed up.

I would still write the article if I was you. The more informed the people of the interwebs are, the better, right?

Ha, I wish we had pills like that here. My family is known for contracting strange illnesses. Last year I had to listen to a lecture from my doctor about being careful with boyfriends because I got some strange infection in my throat that’s typically passed through extreme saliva exchange. Only problem with that was I didn’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t making out with anybody. :/ And that’s only one example. Every year it’s something new. -_-


July 23rd
5:11 pm

Miss you! lol Even though your internet’s been broken I feel like we haven’t talked in so long! lol I feel like I haven’t been on much this week but neither have you so it’s not like I abandoned you again! :P

I’m diggin what you did to your content page! LOL yeah that’s right, I said diggin. :cute: Feel better! Hope those noodles fix you right up! I’ve been sick too. o_O << HAHA

YOU'RE AMAZING. That's why so many people subscribe! :D


July 23rd
8:12 pm

OMG, I freaking love ramen! :mmm: It’s one of my favourite foods, but I don’t allow myself to have it all that often due to the fact that it’s over 300 calories for a package … Ack! :lazy: I love it, but I don’t love it THAT much, haha … I could have, like, three ham and cheese sandwiches for the same amount of calories, pfft! :dead:

Although I just bought my first pack of ramyun today which I’m dying to try, and unfortunately for me it’s even more calories than ramen has — FFS! :wah: WHY MUST EVERYTHING DELICIOUS BE SO FATTENINGGGG. :cry:

Hope you get your Internet working steadily again ASAP! If not, well, you can always ‘borrow’ a neighbour’s … Bwehehe. But you didn’t hear that from me! :angel:


July 24th
2:40 am

Are those Pot Noodles?? O_O I had them once… never again!
Get well soon :D


Tiff Reply:

I forgot to reply to this comment in my comment to you, I think. But no, they’re not pot noodles. I actually don’t even know what pot noodles are. They’re instant noodles that are “udon” style because they’re a bit thicker than ramen.


Grace Reply:

Ahh well consider yourself VERY lucky. Pot Noodles are disgusting they’re like armpit soup with a few noodles floating around :yuck:


July 24th
7:00 am

Hey Tiff! Sorry I haven’t been around here lately, I’ve been at camp, and I have no computer access there.
I’m really sorry that you don’t feel well! Being sick sucks, so you’d better be getting a lot of rest so you get better soon :) Eat lots of noodles. Watch epic movies that last 3 and a half hours (the last time I was seriously sick, I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy multiple times) so you don’t have to get up and change it that often. And sleeeeeeeep. ;)

Are you seriously surprised that people subscribed? You get like how many visitors a day? Of course people care xD But good luck with your connection! The internet sucks so I wouldn’t stress out about it too much.

And I went back and read/watched your last post. He is sweet, even if it’s not a very obvious kind of sweet.


Tiff Reply:

It’s okay, Meghan, don’t worry about.

OMG please install some sort of blogging system. -_- I’ll do it for you if you want. I hate that I can’t comment on your blogs & I’m actually much too lazy to email you on your blogs. It’s just so inconvenient. GIRLLL do it. Do it already. Are you using iframes? UGH SAY NO TO IFRAMES. PHP, WOMAN, PHP!! >.<

But haay I read that you went to California. I’m sure it was a blast. My state is pretty awesome. :D So is Disneyland, right?! hahaha. I love Disneyland. I also love Knott’s Berry Farm. But I’m glad to hear you did so much stuffff while you were here! :D

& YES WOMAN I AM SURPRISED! I don’t get that many visitors a day. Most of them are only here for 5 seconds & then they jet off. :( So it honestly surprises me!! hahaha.

I’m a lot bettter thoughhh. :D


Meghan Reply:

Haha, if you want to try, go ahead! I don’t know how you would put in a comment system with that and I hate WordPress Dx . And I’m not using anything but HTML and CSS. I don’t have time to learn PHP :lazy: . I don’t know, maybe I’ll add a sub-domain so I can experiment. I like the way that my site looks, and WordPress always ruins my visions!

OMG! California was AMAZING. And yes, Disneyland was great :D Sea World sucked. But I honestly love California. I liked that there was next to no humidity. I just have a problem with the lack of greenness >.< But it was fun.

Oh… well now you should be not-so-surprised :cute: obviously your visitors really care about you!


Tiff Reply:

Take a look at my hostee’s site:

Her layout is styled very similarly to yours. iFrames are kind of way old school & the rest of the world is moving onto CSS 3.0 which I haven’t even gotten into yet. But the point is, wordpress is just a blogging tool & you hate it because you don’t understand it! It limits you only because you haven’t grasped PHP yet. There are tons of tutorials out there to help you with this though. Georgina actually has some on how to make a WP theme & she has downloadable themes herself that you can mess around with. Your layout is actually not very difficult to integrate with WP!


July 24th
7:45 am

:O You’re reading The Selfish Gene! I’m interested but I think I have to earn more basic knowledge so I can stand it better before I read it, though it really interests me! I hope I’ll get to read it someday.

Awww :( I hope you’ll get better soon! And your internet! Dear Tiff’s internet, please be good to her, or I’ll shove you some chopsticks into your throat. Thanks. And no, I’m not going to throw dirty shocks to you, but to your internet! It is the only one to blame! *angry*

Congrats on getting so many subscribers! No doubt because your blogs are worth to read, and I’m looking forward to your next blog. Again, Tiff’s internet, be good, so she can post a new blog. Seriously.

Haha right :P I also feel weird being young here because most people I know online are older and more mature than me, but I’m also glad that I get a chance to learn from them. It’s awesome. I hope I’ll stay on the internet for years. I’d like to know my progress throughout the years also, my site is the only journal I have besides the one in the Ms Word that I rarely updated. :P

Thank you so much! I also noticed that I’ve improved, that’s a good thing. I find it weird that my English started to improve when I entered the whole web-designing thing. School doesn’t really help… I guess. English courses that I used to take didn’t really help, either. And thank you so much for the offer! I sure will ;)

I think every language has its own difficulty. I actually am a grammar Nazi myself, when it comes to my native language. If only English was my native language, I’d be an English grammar Nazi by now. ^^

I HATE slow internet! I always feel like, “Damn, I think I paid for a proper internet connection.” My old Internet was like that. It even took ages to load Google… which frustrated me so much.

I have no idea, but I don’t think that they are biodegradable. My school doesn’t really care about the environment, the “go green” campaigns always failed. I just knew about biodegradable balloons until you mentioned it also, so thanks for the information! I should read more about this, because after watching some documentary movies, articles and stuff, I’m very determined to save the earth now. :P AND NOOO I don’t want sea creatures to vanish from the sea. I love them .> People who go to my school only date for fun and they don’t think that it’s a waste of time. But for me it will be a waste of time, if the guy is just ridiculously immature. It doesn’t make me happy. :wah:

High school should be fun! I was being skeptical about it but I heard a lot of people saying that they’d kill to go to high school :P And you’re right. I won’t let any guy walk all over me and I’m not letting them to ruin my life. When someone cheats and I get hurt, I know I deserve better than him, and I’m not giving up my life for someone like that. My life is more precious!

Oh, and my teacher, he’s a physics teacher. He’s nice to students. Some of my science teachers are okay but the way they teach just don’t suit me… but it shouldn’t be a huge problem, I guess.

Sadly, I’ve never been taught sex ed so far. There’s no sex ed. Most of schools in my country don’t have sex ed. And it’s not a joke. It’s a stupid fact. There are tons of reasons why sex ed is necessary but my school and other schools here don’t seem to understand. How if these kids were curious, looked about it up on the internet and stumbled upon the wrong, unreliable information? (For me, my mom has told me stuff, but seriously, how about other kids–do all of their parents realize this fact?)

I can’t cook at all >.> I will move to another high school next year, so I don’t really know if they have a culinary class there. I hope they do because I want to be able to cook properly D:


Tiff Reply:

Okay I totally didn’t reply to your comment properly, but I don’t want to spam your blog so I’ll just reply here.

When I first tried to read “The Selfish Gene”, it was really hard for me to because I thought it was a bit boring & I didn’t quite grasp evolution & genes that well. Or, I just wasn’t that interested. Then when I actually took cell/molecular biology, I gained more knowledge & reading the book wasn’t so boring. He writes in “layman’s” terms. So, it’s much easier to understand him because he doesn’t throw all these scientific terms at you. He tries his best to make it understandable to those who have only taken basic biology in high school.

I’m only in 21 pages & I would read more, but I am trying to catch up on the internet stuff. haha. I really want to finish it though. The first 3 pages were so amazing to read that I was touched by some of his words. I might actually blog about it later. :P



July 24th
7:20 pm

Mmm ramen. That looks delicious! :love: Sorry about you being sick, we all know the feeling, and it’s just bad. >.< But it's weird though, after you get better it's like you can't remember what it feels like to be sick. You just know it's bad. (/end random thought)

Yeah, I'm sure everyone has that hopeless romantic stuck inside them somewhere, no matter how tough they appear on the outside. So deep in there, somewhere, all those tough guys have a soft spot. They just don't want to show us girls for fear of their pride. :P

I know! Official releases of Sailor Moon are not only rare, but a heck of a lot expensive. It's insane. Yet so many people want to get their hands on them and are willing to pay that much money… it's odd o.O

I have no idea what region number Europe would be… I know that R1 only plays in North America… *googles* Aha! Here it is –
And the mystery is solved.
I hope you feel better soon!


July 25th
12:32 pm

Those noodles look so good. Then again, everything looks good since I’m on a new diet. D:

LOL, hopefully your ISP gets with the program soon. Hope you feel better soon!


July 25th
1:09 pm

Those noodles are making me so hungry. I’m probably going to end up finding something to eat after I post this comment. :P

Awww! I hope you feel better soon. As I read that you were sick though, I immediately thought of your vlog and I almost laughed… But still, your boyfriend is a sweetheart! The world does not think he’s a jerk, even with the whole soup episode when you’re sick.

In reply to your comment, the giveaway is for a book called Everlasting that came out recently. The giveaway ends tomorrow, so if you’re still interested, enter while you can. Hopefully your internet doesn’t give you anymore problems…. I hate it so much when that happens.


July 25th
2:47 pm

HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I hope you get better (: I don’t care if I get sick, here’s a huge virtual hug from me to you. And some soup! Geeze, that soup looks yummy.

What happened to your internet? Well nontheless, hopefully it gets fixed ASAP. We miss you on Skeletons. (:


OHHH my RSS feeds (: I understand the idea of not ever getting a Twitter, that was me before but then I got one… to test it, you know? And BOOM, addicted. 7000+ tweets to prove that. O.o Perhaps I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed (: I know your site has a TON of visitors, far more than mine so I doubt those are spam bots. :D

“You just have to make sure that your effort is the equivalent to his & if you want to try harder, you make sure that he tries just as hard too or else you’re wasting your time, you know?” I get that. I really do. But I also understand that Kuya is going through a rough part of his life. Despite his happy seeming mood, I know that often, it’s not like that inside. And I want to be there for it.

Because with all my friends, not just him. It’s always been me feeling like I reach out more than they do. And though they may not always acknowledge my efforts, I feel a lot better than just standing there and watching them fall into pain.

FINE, I will watch the video. I just had so many comments I figured reading your blog would be faster. :P

I was born in 94 by the way. Not 95. I have a late birthday. HAHAHAHA, you’re only older by five years. That’s not too long. :P

And you’re absolutely right. About the part why I cling to Kuya’s friendship so much. Because I absolutely love him as a friend. And although I know I may not be completely over him, I realize that if he suddenly developed feelings for me and wanted to start dating…I wouldn’t want to. I’d be excited, maybe. But I don’t think it’s best for us. We’re good as best friends, we don’t need more. And you basically verbalized all my emotions into one big paragraph. HOW DID YOU DO THAT? xDDDD

And thank you. Thank you for everything Tiff (: Your comments have helped me so much during this time in my life and you’ve really shown me a whole way of thinking. (: I haven’t given up on love. No, not yet. I just keep hitting road bumps…really hard. I don’t like road bumps. But I’m managing. And perhaps one day, I’ll find someone who will be willing to take the time to show how much they appreciate me as I do for everyone I love. (:

OH and I just watched your video blog from your last post. XDDD YES MUSTACHE. Johnathon must have loved it :D


Olivia H.
July 25th
11:23 pm

Wow, sorry your Internet is mainly… paralyzed, lol? And even more sorry you don’t feel well. Those noodles look so good. You have a killer camera. Hmm… I think I missed the video. Nice site updates!


July 26th
1:01 am

hi gorgeous. it’s been so long. my goodnesss. i’ve been going thru a ton of things. it must be in the air because to be real i’ve been sick too and so has my family. even our surrounding families. I hate this time of year. Here in Hawaii, especially when we get sick (due to cold&flu season), it doesn’t help to feel any better with HEAT. gosh. I hope you get well babes.


July 26th
2:18 am

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I bet thats what you heard every morning during the world cup, am I right? Haha!!
At least these interesting acts were there to deboringfy the world cup, and thats why I watched it! :D Glad its over now so I can get back to my life, hahahaha!

Those instant noodles look good! Its ironic how it can be one of my favorite foods, as opposed to other famous delicacies. I’ve haven’t watched your video yet, but I will later! Looks funny, haha! Hope you had a great weekend! :)


July 26th
4:17 am

Awh, get better soon!!! :( And stupid internet… I hate it when its slow (that sounds really ungrateful actually… ek) especially when your ill cos all you wanna do is be lazy and stay online and watch cheesy daytime tv all day.

Heh, you can tell your boyfriend that I dont think he is a jerk to you. :) He seems lovely and you obviously adore him so he must be doing something right! :D ^.^

Get well sooooon again! x


July 26th
12:19 pm

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I CAN FINALLY SEE YOUR SITE NOW! I was hearing about the fact that you’d posted a blog on AI for days and days, but it would never load for me. -_- I’m so glad to hear that you’re sane enough to have taken another delicious photo of scrumptious looking ramen. I really hope that things over on your end settle down soon and you’ll be able to get back into the rhythm of things. (Okay, what’s with me and the word ‘rhythm’ for these past two days?? I’ve been dropping it all over the place like it’s G. >.< )
You have 28 subscribers now, girl! ^^ Miss you, especially on a certain forum. ;)


Tiff Reply:

I honestly don’t understand why this site has so many problems in comparison to Skeletons & TiffanyBee. It’s hosted by the same people & it’s registered by NameCheap…I really really don’t get it…Gah.

But anyway, I’m glad you can finally see my site again. I think you neeed to go out & get a life for a month so the rest of us can catch up to you on the forum!! :D

Yeah wellll I now have 26 subscribers. :( Aww people hate me. hahaha.


July 26th
1:48 pm

HELLO you probably don’t remember me, but my friend is trying to holla.

Okay BYE! And hopefully you’re feeling better by now. Lovely site you’ve got going.
-friendly neighborhood cBer


Tiff Reply:

Honestly your name sounds very familiar! I just can’t remember what we ever talked about or what not, but I do very much remember your name. :)

I am feeling better now, thanks for the kind wishes. :) I like your site as well! :D Hope the photography business is going well for you!

oH WAIT..I remember now….you entered in one of CB’s photography contestsss. haha.


Arjuna Reply:

HAH yeah but I lost even though I won popular vote which you pointed out and you were the only one who backed me up so you’re awesome.

Yup, it’s going well! I think I subscribed to this, or at least I’m trying to. Anyway hope to keep in touch, haha.


Tiff Reply:

LULZ OH YEAH THAT WAS TOTALLY BS. That was one of the worst photography contests I’ve ever been apart of…not only was the judging totally whack, I wondered if the judges had any type of photography expertise. That was totally bull. I didn’t even understand how the process worked & most of the people were saying how the results were BS & called out the judges too. PFT I had to defend my judgment. I can’t be responsible for a bad result when I totally didn’t vote that way. hahaha.

How are you btw? Do you still go on CB?


Arjuna Reply:

Yeah, it was pretty wack… But we’re both off to bigger and better things, yeah? Haha, I’m doing alright, focusing on breaking into the fashion photography industry now. Yourself?

Yeah, I still go on cB, but it’s pretty dead. I still talk to a lot of the people on there though, still talented/cool as ever. Have you kept in touch with anyone?

Oh, and if we’re flooding your comments, my AIM is arjunacapulong. :)


July 27th
7:27 am

Aww, it sucks being ill. Is it just a cold or something else? Either way, I hope you feel better soon. And I hope your internet gets better, too lol. :)
(In reply to your comment, I apologize if this wasn’t your comment!)
Thanks for letting me know that the ‘Comments’ button was hard to find, I’m going to try and change it around so it’s easier to find. :) Thanks again!


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