5 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Non-Romantic

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**The video is exactly what I’ve written below. You can either choose to read my blog or watch me try to mildly entertain you.**

When it comes to love, I’m not materialistic. I’d much rather prefer a cute picnic over a necklace. So, I’ve come up with a list of things I’ve learned from being with Johnathan, my non-romantic boyfriend.

1. Romantic People are Selfless

I’ve recently discovered this about myself & with all romantics in general. When it comes to love, we’re just selfless. It gets to the point when we’re so selfless that we just don’t care about ourselves nearly as much as the person we love. It allows us to be quite vulnerable as we’d be willing to do anything to make our significant other happy even if it means sacrificing our health.

Example 1: Johnathan’s ill.

Johnathan: I’m not feeling well; I think I’m sick.
Me: Aww..well I’m on my way home from school. Do you want me to get you some soup?
Johnathan: Nah you don’t have to.
Me: Okay I’ll get you soup, what do you want?
Johnathan: It’s okay, don’t worry about it.
*I bring him soup & I’m about to kiss him*
Johnathan: NO! I don’t want to get you sick.
Me: I don’t care about getting sick, I just want you to feel better.

Example 2: I’m ill.

Me: I’m sick.
Johnathan: I’d bring you soup, but I don’t want to get sick.
*He ends up coming over & holds me*
Johnathan: Please don’t breathe on me, I don’t want to get sick.

2. Non-Romantics Don’t Feel the Need to Remind You That They Love You, But They Do

This is one of the toughest lessons I’m still trying to learn. It’s not like I need to repeatedly hear, “Tiffany, I love you” 20 times a day, I just like to hear it once a day. I struggle with this because non-romantics expect that when they tell you that they love you, you should know. The only time they change their feelings about you is when they say, “goodbye forever!” Every now & then, I have to tell myself that just because Johnathan’s having a bad day & is grumpy doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me any less.


Johnathan: Tiffany, no matter what I say [jokingly or ill-mannered], I love you & I always will.

3. Romantics Put In Way More Effort

The things guys do for girls in movies isn’t fiction; it happens in real life. Stop shaking your head no because it’s true. A bunch of my guy friends who AREN’T gay are willing to go all out for a special someone. Stephenie Meyer may fantasize about sparkling vampires, but coming home to a candlelit dinner is not ludicrous. We’re willing to go all out to show someone we love them.

Example 1: Kevin Le ♥ White Girl

Kevin Le: planning a cutesy picnic with my whitey girl :)
Kevin Le: im going to make pumpkin pound cake and pumpkin spice butter and bring some wine
Kevin Le: i even bought those cliche baskets for picnics
Kevin Le: i also bought a metal bucket just so i can put wine and water in it with ice
Kevin Le: has to be metal like they do in commercials about corona
Kevin Le: metal bucket with ice and beer on the beach
Me: have you always been this romantic?
Kevin Le: yes, fck you
Kevin Le: and then im picking fresh flowers off my flower beds at home and giving her some

Example 2: Johnathan Brings Me Flowers

Johnathan: My mom said there were flowers on sale at Trader Joe’s so I got you some & this dark chocolate.
*Next day.*
Me: Johnathan, one of my daffodils has a dead slug in it!
Johnathan: HAHAHAHAHA.

Example 3: Homemade Dinner?

Me: I’d love it if you made me dinner one day.
Johnathan: Yuurgghhh!
Me: I always make you dinner. :(

4. Our Love is Unique

If you’ve ever dated a romantic, you’d know that our love is unique. Everyone’s way of showing they love someone is different, but a romantic’s way stands out. It ties in with us being selfless & the way we show our love is unforgettable.

5. Non-Romantics Express Their Love Through Words

If you’re not the person that captivates this non-romantic of yours, chances are, you won’t get a single romantic sentence out of them. Johnathan can be emotionless 90% of the time & the 10% is when he’s sweet enough to tell me how much I mean to him. I won’t ever get a candlelit dinner from him, but I live for that 10%. That 10% may be a small percentage to most of you, but if you knew the things he said to me, you’d know it’s enough to last you a lifetime.

I don’t get the romance I want, but when Johnathan tells me what I mean to him, candlelit dinners, walks on the beach, cuddling underneath the stars, & all that are merely trivial. Sometimes words are much stronger than actions because I can’t tell him what he means to me without bursting into tears.


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July 15th
10:47 pm

This has got to be definitely your sweetest and one of your funniest posts. :love: I haven’t watched your video (I WILL LATER!!!) but I love the KevinLe part. hahaha He wants that hot ass tattooed girl from that post on the forum. Seriously, I wouldn’t have penned him for the romantic that he is though. But wow, talk about major effort! Cutie.

Johnathan’s reactions are classic. :P Four for you, YOU GO, TIFF BEE, for not making him that pastrami sandwich. -_- ^_^

I don’t know what I want in a relationship, really. It depends on the person. I’m pretty mellow when it comes to those things, because I’m not sure if I can display such effort myself, but I certainly have those happy buttons that would be great if my guy would press them. I can be a pretty spontaneous person…I do lots of things on whim, which can be very fun and exciting. And of course, as girls, we like to be indulged. :cute: WE WANT TO BE APPRECIATED FOR LAYING THE BABIES, BOYS.

“Sometimes words are much stronger than actions because I can’t tell him what he means to me without bursting into tears.” – I definitely agree with this. :) It doesn’t help that I seem to harbor an endless reservoir of tears. :happytear: When I’m at home, I don’t need to hold up my emotions or anything so if the right thing pokes me hard enough, everything basically comes pouring out in the shape of salty, warm rivers.


Nicole Reply:

AHAHAHAHA SO I WATCHED THE VIDEO. (You don’t have to get back to me on my own site ^^ ) KevinLe’s so G…*ICEEE* aha

The part where you ask Johnathan to make you dinner and he does that drawn-out sigh, totally reminds me of that one Family Guy episode where Peter trips over the crack in the sidewalk and lies there moaning and shitting for like 5 minutes. :flip: :P :D :crazy:

Btw, we totally got to see your bewbz anyway. B)


Tiff Reply:

ahahhahaha that’s exactly what I was going for! The Family Guy episode when Peter falls down & rubs his knee ahahaha.

I know you’re still disappointed that you didn’t get to see my chest hair. :P


July 15th
11:21 pm

^^ o_O O_O B) >.< ;) :| :yuck: :wah: :uhh: :sleep: :sick: :rolleyes: :party: :ouch: :nerd: :music: :muah: :mmm: :love: :lazy: :kiss: :inlove: :idea: :hugs: :heh: :happytear: :flip: :evil: :emo: :embarrassed: :drunk: :drool: :depressed: :dead: :cynical: :cute: :cry: :crazy: :confused: :cold: :blush: :blank: :argh: :angel: :P :O :D :) :( -_-


Tiff Reply:

This was a test…& I’m too lazy to delete my comment. hahaha.


Georgina Reply:

Looooooool your comment made me lol. Me smiley spam too… Damn I can’t see the smilies on my iPhone. What gives? XD


Tiff Reply:

AWW THAT’S LAME that you can’t see them. :( Oh well!

I was telling Rachel that I couldn’t see one of my smilies appear so I had test all of them to see which ones didn’t show up. :P


July 16th
2:18 am

I am a romantic. I go all out for the men I am with. Money is no problem, even if I can’t afford it, I still go beyond what I need to. My ex, he never said he loved me till the day I left. I said, ‘took you till now to tell me?’ Too late for me. He just assumed because I was staying at his home every weekend I should know how he felt.

I bought the book men are from mars, women are from venus through curiousity and I have to say I wish I knew now what I didn’t back then.

Never stop being who you are :-) That is what makes you unique and loved, even if you think you’re not, you are. Your man knows, he just might not be showing it because OMG I can’t show that softer side because the boys might tease me ;-)


July 16th
5:15 am

My mum is on my laptop so I am typing this on my phone. My wrist is going to die sooner than if I was using my laptop, and you may have to check for typos or correct them!

Just quickly in response to your comment, I know I’m 5 foot 2 myself so it shouldn’t be hard to go figure if you give me some value. :3 My dad and James are round about the same height, about 180 centimetres, so nearly the same height as Johnathan. You’re also taller than me, girl! Lilian is pretty tall too, I’m not sure how much exactly though.

Krist Novoselic is like 200 cm! It’s so lulz cos Kurt Cobain was hella short.

Oh of course I didn’t take it the wrong way when you mentioned obese people! I know, you were probably occupied haha. I usually am when I’m chatting to peeps online anyway. :p I know you didn’t mean awfully towards obese people. But like you, I do feel for them.

I love hugging my bro but he’s skinny as fuckall! :( Damn I’m glad all my guy friends are not just skin and bone. Sebby’s pudgy (lol he’d better not see this shittttt) but he’s adorable as fuck, and I love hugging him. James is muscle and he’s comfortable to hug. And Ryan is tall and just a giant so he’s nice to hug too.

I’m glad your video loaded earlier for me today because I enjoyed watching it. Thank you for the shoutout too!!! Ugh I can’t wait to see James to get your present and nom myself over the damn lollies.

Anyway I loved the video because you amused me a lot imitating Johnny and Kevin Le! Especially when he swore. Hahaha.

I would say guys are willing to go all out for a gal! I mean, the past few years I’ve been surrounded by guy friends… And I swear, Sebby is a freaking hopeless romantic. Honestly, it’s unbelievable. And in that way I say it’s true that guys who aren’t gay are willing to go all out for a lovely girl!

That said, I also agree that non romantics are all words. James is a joker and to be honest he isn’t so serious when it comes to traditional stuff like roses and candlelit dinners and marriage. But his words are from the heart and I know he’s always trying to surprise me!

And I guess all in all I like that our relationship is unique because we are not just different in personalities but the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic and he just isn’t – it makes for a wonderful combination. You and I are lucky gals! <33333

I typed all this on my iPhone. Please congratulate me. :p


July 16th
6:31 am

Best post I’ve read…err… watched so far! You’re much prettier than I thought you already are! Wow!

You’re really funny! I laughed at all of your examples coz your mustache is so funneh! Hahaha! And you know what, I can actually relate to this post coz my boyfie is a non-romantic. But when he does a romantic thing for me. . . I can’t even find the words to explain how I feel. The thing about my boyfriend, he tells me that he loves me everyday even when he’s mad at me (or somebody else… he’s a grumpy guy). XD


July 16th
8:46 am

He told me a few days ago that he loves me even more because I’m worrying a lot. He said that I’m asking the right questions, but I shouldn’t worry too much and let it consume my life.

I am so disappointed that I didn’t get to see your chest hair and mustache. :O I live for those things.
I love your examples. XD Especially the imitations of Kevin.

Out of all of my guy friends, only one is romantic. He’s always sweet to his girlfriend, who I also hang out with, and he’s the master of writing love notes.


July 16th
8:55 am

Love love love loveeee this post. It’s so 100% true and exactly what I’ve learned (and more) from dating David. Except I think mine is more 95/5%. I get one, maybe two REALLY cute lines a month, usually via text and I save them all. Though I found that in more recent months, they were more dirty texts than cute. Sigh. But still, those were hot.

Kevin Le doesn’t seem like that kind of guy in his posts, haha. Idk, he just never came across like that to me but if a guy ever planned a picnic for me.. I think i’d love him for lfe perhaps?

& Thanks :D I love the song hide and seek be imogen heap, though I haven’t heard it in agess. I never really give the songs another chance because I’m rather stubborn, so I guess that just applies to my music taste too :P

There are some songs where I don’t mind a bit of an intro, but there are some songs I like that have like 15-30 second intros and I just sit there like ‘come on, get to the lyrics already!’ I guess I’m more of a lyric person than a music person :P

And yussss, kit kat ice cream. It didn’t taste like kit kats at all though tbh :P It was still alright though.

The songs with lyrics that match your life are a wonderful thing. Especially when you’re confused or sad, it’s just kinda nice to know that someone else understands EXACTLY how you feel :P


July 16th
9:10 am

That video was great :) Kept me smiling, that’s for sure. I haven’t been in a real relationship so I don’t know if I would consider myself a romantic or not. Jonathan seems super sweet! You’re dating an awesome guy :)

You’re imitations of Jonathan and Kevin Le were hilarious!

My favorite part was the second example you made about how romantics are selfless. “Please don’t breathe on me, I don’t want to get sick.” Made me laugh :D

Thank you so much! Its a relief to see after my extremely dark layout before.

After I had my temper under control, I realized that I did overreact. My emotions were going crazy because of the motorcycle accident with Hannah’s uncle. I realize now that my angry was kind of just sadness. I interpreted his question as an insult because of how difficult of a situation my family is in and how hard the afternoon had been after the death. My over analyzing habit kicked in and I just got angry. I wasn’t rude to the guy that asked me that though. I just gave really short replies to what he said. I’ll apologize to him later. I like my mom to stay home. Without her, it feels like a tornado hit the house.

We are setting up her site right now. We are just going to find a WordPress theme that someone already designs and get her started using it. I’ll help her code a customized theme later on. I didn’t understand WordPress until this summer. It’s so complicated but after all the work is done, it’s worth it :D She has been surprisingly patient with me today. She’s being patient right now, as I return this comment. I’m proud of her :)


July 16th
10:15 am

LOL. I hope it’s not a dream, and then she rushes into Eric’s arms. :}
Then they’ll have some beautiful babies, and yeah… xD
Why thank you! :)
I know what you mean, and to be honest I do it myself too often. Because I have absolutely nothing to blog about. Ever. So I’m just like OK WHATEVER YOU GUYS WILL READ THIS AND ENJOY IT.
Thank you for the article, I shall get to reading it. Because I am in a rut. v_v
They were definitely a big pain in the butt to code!
Why does it always have to be the girl who gets so attached to the boyfriend, and does the majority of the cutesy stuff. They always show they guys doing it in movies, but it’s usually the girls who are just more into it. (maybe it’s just my friends) I’m not saying it’s not possible for a guy to show interest in it, but it’s mostly the girls who care to put the majority of the effort into the relationship.
But god, TIFFANY I LOVE YOUR BLOGS. I’ve said this to you way too many times. But I love reading your blogs. I just never know how to comment well. XD
BTW LMAO at when you’re doing the examples as Jonathan. OH MY GOD.


July 16th
10:35 am

Yepp =] Dillon is the boyfriend. Unfortunately an emergency came up and I now have to work tonight and tomorrow evening so it looks like I’ll be til Sunday (if I’m lucky) or next weekend. But on the bright side, not seeing each other all the time will make us enjoy each other’s company that much more.

Haha yeah, I’m a neat freak with other things like, my locker and my car but I just can’t seem to be that way with my room. You can most definitely see the floor, especially now that I’ve done laundry and vacuumed and such. Its much better now. =P

I really loved reading this post. It reminds me of one of my ex’s and actually, now that I think about it, myself. So Dillon probably feels the same way you do sometimes. I should probably work on that. lol


July 16th
11:49 am

Haha, I wasn’t exactly calling everyone who wears makeup fake. I’m saying to the point it looks like a mask or a hooker. My mom wore a lot of make up too.
I know what you mean I feel like I look like crap without make up too. I’m just saying those people who wear make up too much, like they look fake. Somewhat like a Barbie at some point or when they cry or someone touches there fake and it makes a dent. Lol, do you get what I’m saying? Make up is fine, just you need to know when to stop.
I just think that most people need to accept that they were made how they were made, I think it’s stupid to get boob jobs, because you’re kind of messing with nature and your body. I can see why you would want like a cup size bigger, but have you seen those girls with boob jobs of like double J’s and stuff. That’s too much. My point is that you shouldn’t over do it. I get that plastic surgery is good for someone who got in a fire and burn half of there face, but to ruin something that looked fine before is just wrong. These days people try so hard to look gorgeous. I have problems of myself, I honestly hate the way I look, but people think I look fine. I don’t really care what I look like to other people. I usually just say eff it & partay, hey! If you met me, I just do whatever the heck I want. Seriously people think I’m mentally nuts :]
I can see where you’re coming from though.
Haha, I don’t think that the people who live in cardboard boxes would really take things for granted as much as us with a roof over our heads.
Yes but it’s not very fun or interesting, I watch law and order. I watch TLC sometimes. I guess it’s just more interesting to watch shows like MTV because you wish for it.
Aww, I love this blog post. It’s so cute. I don’t know about a non-romantic, I try to stay away from boys. I always end up getting hurt. Lol, being single is sort of my thing. Also, the fact that I move so much.


July 16th
2:56 pm

Thanks for telling me that the links didn’t work. I love how I could have an update up for a day and no one thinks to tell me the images don’t work. Happens all the time. :dead:

Very cute video. I loved the mustache. ‘Twas a great touch.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been involved in any serious relationships yet, so I really don’t have any response from my own experience. However, I can already tell that I’m a non-romantic because I’m a fairly apathetic person overall. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate romance if someone put it on the table. I just wouldn’t look for it. But who knows? Maybe that will all change once I find a guy I actually care about. I have a feeling it won’t, though, because I come from a long line of hardass broads that sound exactly like your boyfriend.


July 17th
2:33 am

Hey! :)

I used to listen to this song all day long a couple of years ago.. xD I never really was a big Spice Girls fan.. I think I know like a handful of songs – if even.

You guys have such a LONG summer – er here it’s only six weeks. But you don’t get breaks in between – do you? Like, we get two weeks during fall then 2,5 weeks during winter and another two weeks in spring. Plus the national holidays that sometimes give us a long weekend.

I rained really, really heavy last night and there was thunder and lightnings – we took out ALL the plugins of the TVs, computer etc.

I have quite a lot of family living within 10 minutes, but that’s only my dad’s side. Mum’s siblings live 500km from here which sucks, but yeah. Our neighbors are the same way.. we (the kids) used to hang out ALL day long when we were younger and now we don’t even talk to each other anymore.

My brother & I probably wasted a lot of water too! xD But mum said it was okay so whatever. xD

I guess it’s because he is still really young (he turned 8 in January). He’s up to pretty much everything that could be fun. :)

This was a really great post and video! I loved how you got into costume to play the males you talked about! Really funny! :D

I haven’t really been in any kind of relationship so I wouldn’t know much about this topic, but it sounds like you & Jonathan are a great couple! :)

I guess it isn’t too bad if you don’t hear “I love you” all the time. I think it’s more beautiful if you hear it every now and then and in moments you wouldn’t really expect Johnathan to say that he loves you.


July 17th
2:45 am

Oh you know I had to return your comment, you’re more amazing hah! Also, I told Sebby to read your blog. He was going to leave a comment but was lost for words. I said to him that you would have appreciated a guy’s point of view… so we’ll see if he comments haha.

Oh shit that was a bad typo. LULZ. If you can call it typing because I’m pretty much twaddling my thumbs… I swear, you could get RSI from that. Anyway!

While I was writing my comment I was thinking that too… I would rather be with a non-romantic than someone who is super romantic (*cough*) because it would all just.. be too much, I guess. I treasure the relationship James and I have, because we’re different in every which way, INCLUDING how we show affection. It makes the relationship more interesting. I’m sure Johnny will catch up, you guys are perffecccccccctttttttt for each other. LULX. <33


July 17th
5:25 am

Hmm, I’m not sure which I am. I love the idea of romantic gestures but I don’t think they’re necessary for a relationship to work. Perhaps I’m not a romantic, I think I might be to bitter for that… I don’t know :)

I think my partner might be though, I don’t know, maybe we’re both a little bit in between.


July 17th
6:16 am

Ahaha Sebby got writer’s block again, you might have to wait longer for his comment. I think he read the blog and didn’t watch… let me remind him. Woo. Good. Just reminded him haha. I LOVE YOUR IMITATION OF KEVIN LE! <3

Really though, sometimes it is nice to get a perspective from the opposite sex. Most of my readers are female. I think I only have one male reader who is a regular visitor!

Yeah, my brother is lanky as heck! But they have the same habits, don't they… My brother blames my dad more than me, though. I am not the one capping the internet! I rarely even download! My brother is pretty outgoing. My mum loves that he is, she knows I'm shy and awkward most of the time. XD I hate it though, I feel jealous because I know my mum's proud of my brother's… charisma? IDK.

OOOH SUPER NEAT CONTENT PAGE. I didn't see the headings though – "layouts", "resources", etc. Maybe center those or something, because I didn't spot them right away when they are to the right!

Ahahahah you know itittiitititit you guys are perffecctttt and no these aren't typos my hand is just cold and it's fucking cold… nah I typed like that on purpose. Seriously though. It's fucking cold.

Sebby's said a lot of sweet things. I think I've only ever been close and comfortable with James. All the exes can go to hell. Oh but my first, Danny, was pretty romantic. But he was clingy and I didn't like that he was protective of me. I guess there's a lot of good in having James! <3

LOL it's okayyyy I love saying things back to you in comments. O and I replied quick cos I love responding to your comments more than others. I rock right? lulz. <3

omg I'm yawning like a nutter, I really should sleep before 12!!!


July 17th
9:15 am

Hahas Tiff! I love this post of yours! It’s so cute! :) So different from all the other blogs you have written in the past! I extremely love #1 and #3. I think they’re kind of cute, especially how lovey dovey Kevin Le is! ♥ Guys like Kevin Le is hard to find. Hahahs…anyways, I think your relationship with Jonathan is sweet. There are features that my boyfriend and I are like that. I can imagine that my boyfriend will laugh in a situation like Jonathan gives you flowers and you find a slug in it. I wish you guys the best times together and have more cute little moments that you have described.

Oh and is that the vlog you made that you forgot to PM me it? I am going to watch it later when I have time. For now, I just read the blog entry. :)


July 17th
9:56 am

LMFAO! I love you Tiff – “You guys cant exactly see my chest hair… its really disappointing” YES… IT IS DISAPPOINTING! ;P
On the subject anyway… My ex boyfriend is a romantic… but he is TOO romantic. I say he is my ex boyfriend, I dont really know what he is. He texts me everyday saying he loves me and asking if we can get back together because without me his life is in pieces, and that he will move into my area (he lives 100 miles away) and all that. Now… I LOVE a romantic, but when it gets too romantic, its just CRAZY! So maybe there is a limit to how much romance we like? I find it very annoying when I get texts every day saying about his undying love for me, and how I am perfect and shouldnt be ashamed or self conscious and how I keep him alive and everything. Its smothering. REALLY smothering. And I didnt even think that was possible given we live 100 miles away from each other.
So maybe romance is good when there isnt much of it, like you said… your boyfriend is only romantic 10% of the time, but you live for that 10%… Maybe once romance is used too much, its meaning is lost within a relationship, so its good to keep it to a minimum… :) If you understand what Im getting at?

PS: What camera do you have?! Ive wanted to do video blogs for absolutely AGES but my camera is useless and I cant find a good camera cos I know NOTHING about them. :(


Tiff Reply:

I’m sorry dear, I feel really bad for not replying to this comment & I didn’t want to just dump a random comment on your site so here’s my reply:

It’s too bad about that..uh..er..ex of yours. I suppose he’s considered your ex even if he still bugs you 50 times a day, mostly because you’re just so damn awesome, Faye..obvi!! You’re not into him anymore, I suppose, which means he’s your ex since you’re no longer dating him. hahaha.

Oh yeah also, my internet is not fully back..so that’s going to be a huge problem. For some reason, the only sites it likes to load …are my own. -_- I can’t even load lockerz.com for goodness sake’s.

HAHA I can’t believe you just got a text when you were writing about him…speak of the devil man. That’s just creeeepy. You should just tell him to move on, poor guy, still head over heels in love with you. hahaha.

The camera I have is just my iMac’s iSight webcam! hahaha. It’s nothing too special so I don’t have a special HD camera, just the iSight built-in webcam! I really want the Nikon D90 (it’s a DSLR which is a professional digital single lens reflex camera which basically means those big bulky black cameras you see pros have) because it records videos in HD (it’s the first DSLR to do that!) & also, because it’s a huge step up from my baby beginner camera. :) I’m ready to take the plunge! Although I need a new laptop first.

I miss talking to you Faye! I hope all is well with you. :D


July 17th
10:11 am

Eeee, I did. :O
The truth is…I am in fact a very lazy person. I actually have Skeletons as a bookmark, but whenever I open my browser, I stare at it. I’m a disappointment. :P


July 17th
10:47 am

I get where you’re coming from. I just think it’s wrong. You’re messing with nature and your body. Again, people have the right to do what they want to their own body. I wouldn’t judge them for it, but I would think why is it necessary for you to change who you are.

Even though plastic surgeons are professional about it. I’m just thinking why they want to do that. Sure it pays for the house and the food, but why can’t they do something useful for man kind. Even the most perfect people, make a mistake by having plastic surgery done, and then they look like poop. Like Michael Jackson, he looked cute before all his surgeries. I mean yes, his father told him mean things when he was young but, my family tells me mean things about myself all the time. I would never take it to heart. I just live on, not get surgery done all over. I still get it, you’re not pleased with yourself, so you want to change yourself. Sometimes change isn’t good good. I prefer the real person, the way you were born. Beautiful, clean, innocent, and not as a baby x].

I would never judge someone by there appearance though. I at least try to get to know them before I do judge them. I, of course, don’t talk to people first. I’m some what shy, unless I’m with my friends. I’m crazy and don’t really care what the hell I do when I’m with my friends. I’m a very complicated person, I argue with myself half the time.

I wasn’t think that at all, I’m just thinking you’re giving your opinion :] You have the freedom to express. Haha.


July 17th
12:26 pm


I can’t tell you how much I loved this blog post.
I found it to be adorable and I can see how you meant every word you said. ^^ :D

I’m a hopeless romantic, but when I get into my first relationship, I won’t be expecting my boyfriend to be romantic though, I have guy-friends that ARE NOT gay and are very sweet and romantic~ :P



July 17th
5:05 pm

EFFF YOU TIFFANY! No, I’m kidding. I would never do that =P

I hate admitting I’m wrong but its kind of stupid not to. Mistakes happen and if I try to live life like I’m perfect, no one would like me xD

I haven’t gotten the chance to talk to him yet, because I avoid facebook as much as possible but I suppose I’ll get online and talk to him later. :D


July 17th
6:22 pm

Some guys are keepers, some are not worth it. Looks like you have a keeper.

$30! Goodness gracious, that better be an amazing zoo or else that’s ridiculous. Our zoo is dinky, but decent, so I am glad I can afford to spend an hour or two there without emptying my pockets!

You just wait and see, when I finally get to decorate a cake you’ll be jealous!


Tiff Reply:

Thanks Nickolena! I can’t remember if I replied to your comment or not, but I’m sorry if I haven’t. I will definitely go to your site & return one/leave a new one…when my internet stops hating me. It’s so annoying. I’d give you a full blown explanation, but I don’t want to bore you.

I SRSLY WANNA SEE SOME CAKE DECORATIONS! ACE OF CAKES (Food Network) is one of my favorite shows & I loveeeee how they decorate their cakes! They make sculptures that should be illegal to eat because they’re so damn awesome!


July 17th
8:04 pm

I’ve never been in a relationship before. I’m too young you know ahahah so I don’t really know about this topic. But once there was someone who liked me and he was overly romantic. He gave me flowers and chocolate and other romantic stuff just a few minutes before an exam started. And I’m not a really romantic person… I guess. :wah:

Some of my friends are already in relationships though, but not the real ones I think. But as far as I know, none of them are romantic. Or maybe they’re just too shy? I don’t know. The most romantic person I’ve ever known is… well, that guy who liked me. And there’s this guy, he really loved his girlfriend. His girlfriend is just shy… they were so cute. She once allowed me to see their text messages & he often sent her cute poems. And they were so deep. :happytear: On their 1st anniversary he gave her that very hugeeee Toblerone, poems, and he declared his love in front of people. Too bad they’re not together again now.

HAHA your video. I love how you imitated Johnathan and Kevin Le. The costume XD And when Kevin swore. And the mustache :flip: The part when you’re ill and Johnathan said “I don’t want to be ill” is just hilarious.

I haven’t fully read Stephen Hawking’s The Universe in a Nutshell, but so far it really opens my mind to new things, and I get the knowledge that I won’t be getting from school (I don’t really like depending on school, because school isn’t the only source for me to earn knowledge and stuff, haha).

The book A Brief History of Time that I’ve completed was the same. It was good and I liked it so much. Enlightening, like you said. Glad to know that the universe, space and time weren’t as simple as I thought they were. I need to learn more about basic physics though so things will make more sense for me. I’m working on it currently.


July 18th
12:42 am

The first one doesn’t really apply much. Both my boyfriend and I are selfless when it comes to these things. lol. As long as we get to hug and kiss, we don’t really care if we get each other’s sickness. :)

As for the second one, I would definitely feel sad if my boyfriend stops telling me he loves me :|

Ok, the third one certainly made me laugh seeing Kvein Le’s name hahaha :)) But I’m pretty guilty about this. my guy does everything for me and sometimes I just don’t return :|

You and Johnathan are so sweet! <3


July 18th
3:23 am

I couldn’t watch the video because my internet keeps crashing and restarting it (stupid connection) so I read it instead, but I’ll probably watch it later just to hear your adorable little accent :3 (yeah, I know how much you love that face. ;))

Aww, that is really cute of you to take over soup for him! He’s not ENTIRELY non-romantic – he didn’t want YOU to catch it, afterall ;) But yeah, I see what you mean! It must be quite fustrating to be the only romantic in a relationship. That’s cute that he tells you he loves you a lot. Would you rather he told you it twenty times a day or never at all?

AWW KEVIN LE! (WHERE IS HE ON SKELETONS?!) That is actually the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen a guy do (or heard of a guy doing!) He actually plans out every little detail and AW! so adorable! LOL@THESLUG! that made me laugh so much :’) Lovin’ the examples, Tiff :’) AW I JUST WANTED TO SQUEEZE YOU INTO A HUGE BEAR HUG WHEN YOU SAID “I always make you dinner :(” it was just so cute and AW. <3

That last paragraph makes all the examples and all the non romantic things he does seem completely worth it. You are lucky to have him, Tiffany, but not as lucky as he is to have you :)

Damn. So Nicole has to come over here for it to be legal then? :/ I guess that blows me coming over to California next weekend. i don't understand why your ages are so high (for drinking more than sex) because if you're legally an adult at 18, then you're allowed to make your own decisions, including alcohol. Although our law it kinda stupid. Because if you have ID, you can buy it at 18, but if you don't have ID you have to LOOK like you're older than 21. So if someone was 15 but looked like they were over 21, they could buy alcohol and someone who is 30 who looks under 21 could get refused it. Dumb law.

Thank youuu :) I'm still getting frustrated with the wierd white underline under the horizontal background bit, but I merged it before I noticed and I'm too lazy to remake the background ;) Yeah, maybe I will do that if I feel like brightening it up, actually :)

HAHA, I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THERE ALL DAY YESTERDAY OR TODAY YET! DAMN! Nicole is getting too far ahead for my liking. She's getting too close to the next forum! I wanted to get there before her so I could leave her a nice suprise ;) hahaa. &Nope. I've never heard of V for Vendetta. D: Should I have?


July 18th
10:32 am

I think it’s not okay, but I wouldn’t take it personally to judge them for what they did. I would still talk to them before I’m not a person who cares about the outside as much as other people.
I can see your point, but it doesn’t change what I think. I never said I was secure about myself, I’m not pleased with my appearance, but I honestly don’t care that much about appearances.
When I was about 11, I stopped eating for an entire month, I was depressed. All I had was fruit snacks every once and awhile. I know about eating disorders. I used to be depressed. I am somewhat bipolar, I don’t have a major case. It is noticeable though. I know about those problems. I used to drink and pop pills and smoke. I’m only 15, but I stopped. I have almost overdosed before, I had a mix of 25 pills. I get about those problems. I get about how you can’t be happy with yourself.
I wasn’t saying changing their thoughts about themselves. I’m saying if someone’s mean that they can change there minds and become somewhat nicer. I know tons of pretty people, but some of them are straight up rude and I was close to them. They might think it’s funny but it wasn’t. I couldn’t stand them always gossiping and other things so I didn’t talk to them as much.
I think it’s much better to focus on cancer and disease rather then work on someone’s personality or image.
I never said I hate people who have plastic surgeries, I would never through tomatoes or other object at someone I didn’t know or someone I did know. I don’t judge the outside of the person. I just feel like how a person looks can change the person itself sometimes. Seriously, my mother had a nose job, because as Asian’s a lot of us have flat noses. She hated it, so she got a nose job. I still love her, even though she left me and my dad for another man. I can’t believe what she did, but I still love her. I may say I hate her sometimes, but she is my mother.
I never said I was judging anyone for what they look like. I just feel like it’s wrong to change themselves and over do it, I think it’s okay to have plastic surgery and it looks natural and makes them happy. To over do it to the point it’s doesn’t look like you were born that way and it’s too obvious.
I was mostly talking about the people on television. They look so unreal, and so many girls at my current school wear so much make up if you touched them it would leave dents. That’s basically what I’m talking about. People over doing it. I have no problem with makeup or plastic surgeries.
I wasn’t trying to disrespect any plastic surgeon, it is what they do and I don’t have a problem with it. I just don’t think what they are doing to perfectly fine looking people is completely right. They should know when there’s a little too much, but the main thing I’m talking about is boob jobs and butt jobs. I get that you want to have a nice body, but to over do it is no good.
I know that you don’t see a person’s personality first, but I would talk to anyone who comes up to me and says hi. They can be the most hideous person and I would still talk to them. I wouldn’t judge them for what they look like.
& I know, I do watch those channels sometimes. I like to expand my options & not stick to all the same shows.
I feel like you didn’t understand my point of view very well, but it’s fine. We’re people and we have opinions. :)


Tiff Reply:

Hi Katie! It’s been a long time. My internet sucks, so that’s why I haven’t been able to respond to you. Even worse, no other sites really work for me besides my own…which is really weird.

Anyway, I’m going to reply to your comment here because I don’t want to spam your blog with this ongoing conversation. I’m going to point out some things you’ve said & why I replied the way I did.

“I think it’s not okay, but I wouldn’t take it personally to judge them for what they did.”
That sentence is an oxymoron because you ARE judging them by saying you don’t think it’s okay. That in itself is a judgement. All humans judge. It’s part of our nature to judge, it’s part of our DNA & for good reason. Although we can take judging to a whole other level such as discrimination against a certain ethnicity, but all in all, we judge people because we’re looking out for ourselves. I’d get into detail with this, anthropologically speaking that is, but I don’t want to bore you.

Now, I absolutely understand your point of view. I understand that you’re trying to say that you think what people are doing to themselves to make them look beautiful to them, is “unnatural” & “wrong” because it looks fake. I understand the whole girls caking on their make-up too. But, when you say that Joan Rivers, what she’s doing is “wrong” & “unnatural”, are you 100% behind this statement? It’s wrong for a person to change their own appearance? To do what they want to their body? Do they have to ask you for permission? Why do you think you have the right to say that what they’re doing is wrong? Why are you allowed to be entitled to these opinions when it could very well hurt the feelings of others that do engage in cosmetic surgeries? Is what they’re doing hurting you? Are they hurting anyone else? Now, don’t take those questions to be condescending or conniving because they’re just questions in a regular tone, not a bitch tone.

What people do to their bodies = their choice. Whether or not you think they look beautiful is up to you, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Make-up is not “natural”, but you don’t see someone coming up to you & telling you that what you’re doing is unnatural & wrong. If I told you that I think it’s wrong that you eat at McDonald’s because you’re putting poison in your system, would you be upset? Wouldn’t you be so repulsed by me that you’d shout back, “WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT I EAT OR WHAT I DO WITH MY BODY?”

Those situations are similar. McDonald’s is not natural & if you eat too much of it, you could pretty much die. But I don’t tell people that what they’re doing to their bodies is wrong & unnatural, it’s their choice.

You asked me earlier why plastic surgeons didn’t pick another profession to help others which is why I went on to talk about plastic surgeons. Then you said, “I wasn’t trying to disrespect any plastic surgeon, it is what they do and I don’t have a problem with it.”

That’s a different statement completely. I don’t know if we’re just not getting what each other is saying or if you’re just trying really hard to defend your point of view without sounding like a judgmental person so you try to say things that cover up for your last comment. Again, don’t take this as if I’m being condescending because I know tone can be excruciatingly difficult to convey over the internet. I’m not trying to be condescending nor am I trying to be a bitch, if I were speaking to you in real life, I’d be speaking to you very calmly as in a discussion.

We’re all judgmental, it’s in our nature & you’re making a judgment about what people do to enhance their physical shell. That sentence is a judgement because it’s made up of a conclusion from reading your blog. I’m not trying to change your mind. I personally believe that it’s wrong of people to judge others because they don’t think what they’re doing is right when it’s THEIR body. As long as they’re not hurting anybody, why is it so wrong? Because you’re not changing their genes when they alter their nose or their calves. I guess using the word “wrong” was a bit too strong. Perhaps you meant more of, “I don’t think it looks right” instead of “what they’re doing is morally bankrupt”.

Good day, Katie! Hope to talk to you soon. I hope that my internet stops being such a punkass.


July 18th
10:40 am

I’ve never been in a relationship so I couldn’t relate to what you said, but your relationship with your boyfriend does actually sound very sweet!

I don’t think romance is everything in a relationship, as long as the two people love each other, but I guess I’ll just have to wait to figure that out first hand!

Your video was really entertaining though haha! :’) Especially when you were pretending to be your boyfriend with the hat and the moustache LOL!

Thanks. :3 I don’t know if I will continue with my site, I’m still really undecided, I still have time to make my mind up though.

If I do let my domain expire, I’ll keep blogging on sites like Tumblr or LiveJournal though!

Thank you. (:


Tiff Reply:

Hi Dani! I don’t know if I left you a comment back on your site yet or not, but if I haven’t, please let me know so that I can in the future when my internet actually works.

For some reason, I am only constrained to my own website which is a bit odd. Anyway, romance is not everything in a relationship, you are absolutely correct. It’s just a wonderful, selfless, & thoughtful way of showing someone how much you love them/what they mean to you. It’s something that I’d very much appreciate, but I don’t get any so…that’s out for me.

It takes both parties to maintain a great relationship. My friend told me that one person cannot be selfish & the other cannot be selfless as it does not do any good for the relationship…especially since it’s obvious one person will solely benefit! So, in any given relationship, instead of just thinking about the other person, think about the relationship at hand & figure out what will make the relationship work. What will make you happy? What will make your partner happy? Just a little tid-bit I thought I’d share! :D

I’m glad my video was entertaining!! I really do hope that you continue to keep your site. I hate seeing bloggers leave the worlddd. :(


July 18th
1:03 pm

This video made me laugh <3 So cute.

I understand the 90%/10% thing. I wouldn't want someone that was serious all the time (e.g. I love you and will always be by your side forever, and tell you once every 5 minutes), but once a day would be nice. I guess what I'm trying to say is I would want somebody balanced. :heh: Jonathan is definitely a keeper!

I'm such a hopeless romantic -.- I blame anime. :P


July 18th
2:40 pm

Pretty necklace ^^

I love that video! So funny. Are you going to start making comedy videos?

Back to the content of the blog. I’m with a pretty romantic guy right now. He will do anything for me, whatever I say. Some girls will says that they would love that and would die for a guy like that. However I think sometimes it’s nice if he isn’t soo “i love you” 20 times a day. It makes it a little bit more special if it’s only that 10% of the time. I guess after a while you sort of get used to all the romantic stuff and doesn’t feel it’s special anymore.

However I’m really unromantic…kinda odd for a girl huh? I like to keep things special. I prefer to do stuff for him that he would really love once in a while rather than everyday because he’ll be stocked and love it more.

Personally I think it needs to be balanced, like not too much and not too little. Just somewhere in the middle.


July 18th
4:29 pm

D’awww. I know how ya feel. I was married to a non-romantic once. It’s really hard to deal at times, especially if you’re the type of person that NEEDS romance in a relationship, which I am. Said marriage will turn into a divorce on the 20th. Bwhahaha.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the video! You are too cute /squee. Loved the boyfriend impression, and although I did not see any chest hair, I continued to watch. Hah.


July 19th
11:20 am

One of the greatest blogs I’ve ever read/seen from you. =)
I’m not sure if Andrew is a non-romantic person, but hopefully we last forever/long enough for me to find out & to understand. ^^

By the way, I loveeee your voice! It’s pretty :D Like you! <3
I can't say anything more because you said everything well done.


July 19th
3:55 pm

I hear ya. We all need a little appreciation every now and then.

Jesus, thanks for all the terms. I had a couple of those already, but I somehow forgot about hosting, pageviews, and all the stuff like that. My mind was stuck in graphic-related things.


July 19th
10:17 pm

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I didn’t watch the video mainly because I want to return this comment ASAP so I can write up a blog before I sleep.

I love this blog. I love this blog and I love you. HAHAHAHA.

Anyways, that aside. I’ve met my share of romantics and non-romantics despite I’m only 15. Who says the young know nothing? :D I… am straight up romantic. I think most girls are. And I love it when people say they love me. Back when I had a boyfriend…. a long time ago. I just loved being in his arms and listening to him talk about how much I meant to him and how he loved me. Sure, I was young.. but it was cute. And I cherished it.

NUMBER ONE IS HUGE BTW. (: People who are complete romantics don’t care about themselves.. they only care about those they love. :D It’s cute.

CHROME CRASHED ON YOU? That is RARE. I love Chrome but that has happened to me too. Sometimes waiting a bit helps though.

You’ve subscribed to my feeds? As in my Twitter? XDD Or my blog? :D Or my tumblr? I have far too many feeds. :P

Actually, that person that was hurting me was Kuya. And in his defense, or in mine, I wasn’t hurting because I like him and he doesn’t like me back. I was hurting because our friendship was dying again. This is the type of friendship I’d be willing to fight for but there it was dying in front of me. Things are better now ish. He’s in the Philippines at the moment. We had a nice long conversation about “us” before he left. I thought we had dropped that issue awhile back. I wasn’t ready for it. I’m about to blog about it. So look forward to that. (:

That’s a good way to look at it. “Without emotions we’d just do whatever we feel like because nothing matters because we don’t feel” That’s deep and a completely different perspective for me.

Equilibrium…gets a shot that takes away their emotions? That’s insane. Perhaps I’ll watch it one day, it sounds interesting.

I didn’t fail my grammar class by the way. My initial PPSAT score (back in the spring) was really low, and it got a LOT better because of this class. :D


July 20th
2:50 am

Your relationship sounds sort of like mine and Trevors relationship. He’s not nearly as romantic as I am. He’s also really weird, but that happens to be one reason why I love him so much. I’m all about making boyfriend journals, doing little things for him, etc. He has this thing where he tries not to be overly nice because he doesn’t want to seem needy and push me away. My boyfriend thinks entirely too much, but I love it. I love all his weird quirks because that’s what makes us, us.

He’s the SAME way when I get sick. He tries to avoid me because he doesn’t want to get ill himself. However, if he’s sick I’m right there making sure he takes medicine and drinks lots of liquids and has soup. I enjoy taking care of him. I guess it’s the nurturer in me. I like feeling needed by him even if it’s the smallest thing.

He can be really sweet and romantic at times, but it’s like you said only about 10% of the time. I appreciate that 10% so much though. I know last Christmas he got me this dish set that I had been wanting for over a year and he had it put in my cabinets so I had to actually look for my gift and he wrote something on paper that was soo sweet it made me cry. For Valentines Day he was in Canada and I was still in Arkansas at the time so he mailed me a homemade Valentines card. It was so cute.

Anyway, I do think things like in movies are real. It’s not always exact, but there are relationships like those in the movies.


July 20th
5:44 am

Aww that is so sweet :cute:
I can tell you really like him and it’s good to know that all the romantic displays of love don’t just happen in the movies and books – it gives us all hope :love:

I like your Example 2 where he gives you the flowers :P


July 20th
5:49 am

Bah, I accidently closed the window and lost everything I just wrote :cry:
Aww, such a sweet post :cute: I can tell that you really like him :inlove:
It’s good to know that all the romantic displays of affection aren’t just in books and films – gives me hope :love:

I also watched the clip: pretty good role playing skills! Your adorable penguin really added to it :P


July 21st
1:45 pm

ooo a vlog :)
LOL Johnathan’s mustache!! PENGUIN?!?!
omg aahahahah
awww what a cute funny video!

i always thought that i was that kinda girl who doesnt care about the cheesy things cause they’re dorky and.. cheesy…
but i guess i don’t mind it (: after watching all those adorable korean dramas and how the guys treat the girls with cute dinners and yeahh ahahah


July 21st
5:50 pm

AWWW! That is so cute… and also really funny. The anecdotes about being ill were most amusing, I think. You are so right. Romantics put in waaaay so much more effort than non-romantics. Great post. I really enjoyed reading it. :inlove:


July 23rd
6:46 pm

DAMN! I really wanted to see your chest hair and mustache! :P

Metal bucket WITH ICEEEEEEE! lmao Wait, that’s the sign in sign language for beer.. lol! That video was so adorable and funny. Kudos! Thats right, I said kudos! lolz idk what’s wrong with me, I’ve been saying the strangest words lately. o_O

Even though it’s hard to say but it’s true that romantic people care more about their significant other more than themselves sometimes. It’s not good because you shouldn’t be allll about them but I don’t know sometimes you just get that way because you’re just so in love or just checked out of reality that you’ll do anything for them. I know I’m like that (even though I’ve experienced less life than you :P I know the feeling) and it’s just I guess I’m willing to do anything for them because when you’re with the person you want to be with and you’re happy with, the things you do to make them happy or feel better when they’re sick just comes along with it. I don’t know where I’m going with this but like when you love them, you’re just willing to do about anything for them even though it shouldn’t be at the point we stop caring about ourselves yano?

:heh: << is that the finger or a sweat droplet? lololol

Romantics do put in more effort but non-romantics can show you their love in ways you wouldn't even notice you know? There are guys out there that will go all out for a date but usually they're hard to find, at least for me. ^^ Like an ex of mine, Nick, we were together for a year (maybe a bit longer, I don't like thinking about it or him lol), he wasn't a romantic but I know he loved and cared about me. He just was always so sweet and considerate even in front of his friends, with the occasional showing off to impress me, but still, he put away his macho-ness and was willing to be the sweet guy I knew he was in front of his friends, even though he knew he'd get hell for being a sweet boyfriend.

I know so many guys who are romantic and just love their girlfriends so much that it's ridiculous to see how sweet and loving they are. It's true, the guys you see in movies are real, it's just the guys who are total dicks just I guess have a more prominent role in our memory that we don't remember how sweet a guy can be, we just remember all the shit they put us through. (cough cough, let's fck my ex -_- ) But guys who are romantic do exist, it's just a matter of finding them. :inlove: << AWWWWWWW WHAT A CUTE SMILIE! lmao

I've dated a non-romantic and even though they don't go all out and are completely selfless for us, they do love you and when they show it, it's just perfect because it's everything you ever want to hear from them. :kiss:

By the way, I LOVE the way your website is in mobile. Yano the plug in you have for like well mobile lol but you have to pay for it. :( lol Mine's free and looks like poop. haha


November 21st
5:55 pm

Aww cute!!!
That’s so funny since I feel the same way sometimes… lol
Where be my song at? I’ve asked for a song like every birthday that I’ve known my bf!!!!
sigh haha


December 22nd
10:35 am

Comedian. <3 :inlove:


Tiff Reply:

Thanks Jun! :)


[…] wrote a post some time ago titled 5 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Non-Romantic. Her post sort of inspired me to write this. I’ve decided not to write about my failed loves […]

Necessary? « Of Blue
August 23rd
9:28 pm

[…] This, of course, omits my boyfriend to a certain extent. I’m what Tiffany would call a non-romantic type. As a general rule, I’m not the cuddlly type, and I’m not about to hug you unless […]

November 15th
4:50 pm

This is one of the funniest things I’ve watched in a long time. Great job with the acting! This whole article is brilliant and true! I hope every girl finds a sweet man someday <3


Tiff Reply:

Aw thanks! I’m really glad it entertained you, that was my goal. :)


November 25th
1:45 am

My new boyfriend is just like this! I thought there was seriously something wrong with me I was doing all these things to prove to him how much I cared and when I wanted to do something he was like “Sorry I’m busy I have homework”

I know homework is important but it’s gotten to the point where it’s not just that, it’s simple things he won’t do because he doesn’t feel like it.

It’s not kissing me after I’d had a vanilla cookie because he doesn’t want vanilla near him, it’s him not taking any pictures with me unless I steal shots. it’s him not rubbing my back when I’m clearly uncomfortable…and now that i’ve watched this video I see him in it all!

He says he cares and at first I doubted because most men did what I asked and wanted them to do and tried to prove their love to me. I’m a person who need affirmation that a man is still interested but with David…none of that affirmation, yet he does say he likes me and cares for me 10% of the time when the other 90% I wonder if he notices I’m alive.

Most people would call him an ass but he’s not mean to me or anything he’s just not a romantic, in any size shape or form so far.

I hope I can survive this relationship enough to post a response to how I made it.


[…] Aesthetic Intoxication: 5 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Non-Romantic […]

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