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[Music:]Gypsy Woman” by Hilary Duff
[Novel:] The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

I’m finally reading a book that doesn’t have to deal with sappy teenage romance & angst. Yay me. :) Again, I really apologize for any inconveniences you will encounter in the future. AshPink is switching to a better server so everything needs to be switched over so that means there will be some days of downtime, after that, it will be all wonderful. :D In the meantime, any of you who are hosted by AshPink need to back your stuff up so you don’t lose it just in case something bad happens. I just registered for classes next semester. Here’s a look into my schedule so you can stalk me:

Monday: Chemistry (Lecture)
                    Honors Calculus 1 & 2
Tuesday: Chemistry (Lab)
Wednesday: Chemistry (Lecture)
                           Honors Calculus 1 & 2
Thursday: Psychology: Introduction to Human Sexuality

It’s a total of 17 credits. This semester I only had 13, so eep! :| I hope I can handle it. :nerd: It’s only 4 classes but they’re all pretty heavy classes. Aside from that, there’s this really funny article by The Onionclick me. I have to agree with this. Onto the real subject of this. I saw the midnight showing of Twilight with Pearl & her friends. :D

Movie Review

To all of you Twilight fans who are going to see this movie sometime this week, please keep in mind that this movie will not meet your absolute expectations of being better than any Harry Potter movie ever made. The movie has much room for improvement. Overall, I really liked the movie, but you have to realize: Hollywood is known to bastardize movies based off books with the few rare exceptions. The budget for this movie was pretty low in comparison to Harry Potter, so keep that in mind too.
Do not worry, there will be no spoilers. New additions to the plot were added just to make the movie a tad more suspenseful. They could’ve done a better job with this. The people that were attacked by an “animal” should’ve been introduced before they got killed so there’d be more suspense. They filmed the movie so beautifully & the filters for the lighting & scenery happen to be breathtaking. They really used the landscape very well. The scenes were well put together but, it is the dialogue that truly hurts the movie. The actors did a fantastic job, not just because they were stunning to stare at, but because they played each role very well. Kristen Stewart’s voice could’ve been a little bit more exciting or feminine, but that’s her. Jasper’s facial expression is perfect. He’s the tortured new vegetarian that still wants to eat humans so yeah, his constipated face is perfect! Edward’s facial expressions were spot on, I don’t think anyone could’ve played him better. Carlisle was so damn hot!! :lust: Now here’s the part I was trying to get at–if they spent less time on the additional scenes that weren’t in the book & more on Edward + Bella’s connection/dialogue, this movie would’ve been pure success. The scene in which Bella & Edward officially start becoming an item (the diner scene) is cut way too short. This should’ve been elaborated! This is when a connection is made! It’s when Bella told him someone asked her if they were dating & he told her that she could tell that them that they were. They didn’t film much interaction with Angela, Jessica, Mike, or Eric. It was very minimal. Lauren is completely out of the picture so you don’t get to hate her guts.

A lot of information about the Cullens is cut out of the movie. It will leave you wanting more. I think that for the next movie they film, they should fire their screenwriter & just let Stephenie Meyer write the dialogue. Or at least hire a much better one. Man, hire the person who writes the dialogue for Harry Potter or something! All of the important scenes were there but the important dialogue didn’t come with it. If I had to give the movie a grade, I’d say C+ to B-. The action was really great, the fighting scenes were great, baseball was probably the best part of the movie, yet, it could’ve ended better. The clothes were wonderfully chosen. They all looked stunning. Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo but I won’t tell you when. You’ll just have to look for her. :) Here’s a review you might want to read.

The result is a supernatural romance in which the supernatural and romantic elements feel rushed, unformed and insufficiently motivated, leaving audiences with little to do but shrug and focus on the eye-candy.

I couldn’t agree with this more. It truly was rushed. :( Despite this, you should still go see it for yourself. The movie doesn’t do the book justice, but the vampires are gorgeous!